Sales popups will display continuously on the screen, so how to test the effectiveness of Sales Pop Master? 

To check this problem, you only need to click "Overview" and track some figures such as total, today, yesterday, the last 7 days, the last 30 days. These parameters will be counting the number of clicks on each popup. This data will tell you that products are most concerned by customers. 

Thence, you can adjust and give powerful marketing strategies for those products to meet customer's need. 

In addition, you can also change different business strategies to attract customers by installing outstanding products in your online store. These popups will attract customers and stimulate their shopping needs. 

Through these figures, shop owners can capture the shopping trends and customer's needs to make the right product. 

The importance of showing sales is deniable. Visitors who see other orders are more likely to become real buyers. It’s important for your store to gain customers’ freedom from suspicion. Use our application to grow customer engagement!  You create notifications as if your shop always has a great number of customers.

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