The competition in the e-commerce market is becoming more intense than ever. To survive and develop, each business needs its own marketing strategies. Nowadays, the discount is one of the most popular marketing strategies for businesses to promote sales, expand market share, and develop new customer communities. How can you create discount campaigns to attract customers and stimulate their shopping needs? Our intelligent application - Discount Master ‑ Quantity will help you optimize every process with 3 outstanding features.

1. Discount Campaigns: Create many different discount campaigns to boost customer's shopping needs


With the discount feature, store owners can create many different discount campaigns at the present time and the future. Thence, Discount Master ‑ Quantity will help store owners save more time and manage their campaigns more effectively.

In particular, these discount campaigns can apply to all products or individual products on the online store. So, store owners can stimulate customer's shopping needs through various discount campaigns. 

2. Countdown Timer: Promote the customer's purchase decision right from the vision  

The countdown timer feature will inform customers about the exact remaining time of the discount campaigns. It helps store owners create an urgency about time and this will prompt customers to make a quick purchase decision before the discount period ends. The purpose of this feature is to help store owners “attack” directly into the customer's eyes and entice them to not miss this precious opportunity.

The countdown timer feature with many eye-catching themes such as Merry Christmas, Black Friday, Halloween, Valentine, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and so on, will attract customer attention as well as promote their purchase decision when the discount period is coming to an end.

3. Stock Countdown: Show the remaining quantity of each item in stock and create a scarcity of products

Finally, you can’t miss the stock countdown feature in this set of 3 perfect features. This feature allows customers to know the remaining quantity of each item in stock. Thus, it can create a scarcity of products to promote the customer's shopping process. A countdown timer and scarce effect about products will prompt customers to buy your products immediately at first sight.

Thence, a perfect combination of the discount campaign, countdown timer, and the stock countdown will help you attract a large number of customers and drive your sales.

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