The countdown timer feature will inform customers about the exact remaining time of the discount campaigns. It helps store owners create an urgency about time and this will prompt customers to make a quick purchase decision before the discount period ends. The purpose of this feature is to help store owners “attack” directly into the customer's eyes and entice them to not miss this precious opportunity.

The countdown timer feature with many eye-catching themes such as Merry Christmas, Black Friday, Halloween, Valentine, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and so on, will attract customer attention as well as promote their purchase decision when the discount period is coming to an end. 

To set up the countdown timer feature and create the best effect, you should pay attention to the options below.

+ Countdown timer name: Only you can see the name of the countdown timer campaign. It will help you distinguish the campaigns in the overview page. You can enter names or any symbols to distinguish them and manage your campaigns effectively. 

+ Apply to: Unlike the discount feature, countdown timer can be applied to products, collections or discount campaigns (Discount campaigns you've created).

+ Design settings: You set up the design of the countdown widget in 4 sections including Content, Fonts & size, Background & border, and Animation.

+ Content: Leave a message to inform your customers about the remaining time of the sales campaign. You can also create slogans to stimulate and attract customers. You can translate labels into your language and widget position such as left, center, right.

+ Fonts & size: You choose the font, and customize counter size, counter label font size, and title font size.

+ Background & border: Select counter background color, border color, plugin background color, and text color. Customize border-size and border-radius. 

+ Animation: There are 6 types of animation.

+Display settings: Set up start date, start time, end date, end time. 

+ Finally, click Save countdown timer button to save your settings.

You will have a countdown timer like this

If you have any problems during the installation, you can contact us via email: