Currency Converter ‑ Multicoin is a free currency app bringing you the best features.

* Convert the price of products into 164 currencies and update the real-time exchange rate

* Find out customers’ location then turn the price into buyers’ currency

* Transfigure price fast, produce results, and bring satisfaction to all customers

Let's take a short tour to see how to set up this app!

+ For the app to work, you need to turn on the app status in dashboard and app embed in theme

Please see these screenshots to know how to enable app embed

Click Save

Then it will look like this

+ Turn on app status in the dashboard


+ Turn on Currency Status, so you can convert price to different currencies

+ You can use Automatic currency conversion. Currencies will be automatically converted based on your customers’ 


+ Choose currencies to show on the drop-down. You can click Select All box to choose all currencies or click small boxes to pick only some currencies you want. Use the search bar or scroll the list board to look for currencies.


You can delete currencies or change their order on the drop-down in Action.

+ You can delete all selected currencies by just one click on Delete all selected currencies button.

+ You can show the currency icon next to prices or show in the default position.

If you show the currency icon next to prices. It will look like this

+ Set up Theme: Choose a current theme. There are 4 types of theme: Flags theme, round flags theme, layered theme, flags and symbol theme, and no theme.

Then customize background color, text color, and hover background color of the drop-down.

+ Customize the icon size by moving the point on the bar.

+ Show currency converter symbol or not. Choose 1 of 8 default positions.

+ If you want a fixed icon position on your store as you like, please send us a request.

+ Choose to let the icon float or make it stay still.

+ Choose the device for the app to run on.

+ Set up Price Configuration

+ Choose to show currency code next to price or not.

+ Remove decimals in the price or not. If you keep decimals, you continue to choose to round decimals or not. 

If you choose to round decimals, you need to set up the rule. You can set how many rules as you want. Choose the gap and enter the fixed value you want.

+ Delete or edit the rule

+ Show Checkout currency notification or not. Edit message and customize colors.

+ Some themes don't show checkout notification automatically. You can send us a request to make it appear. 

+ Show original price when customers hover on the converted price. Customize price color and background color of the original price.

+ Click Save button to finish settings on dashboard.

+ The last step in the setting process is Insert code. Click Add code on the process bar.

You see a popup. Copy codes and paste them in your Shopify settings. Click Show me button to see detailed instruction.

You can read detailed instruction of Add code step at

After all, the app can work in your store

If you meet any problems during the installation, you can contact us via email: