The release of Sales Pop Master app will lift up your business development. Although your store has many orders or not, this app can help you in its own way. How does it do that? Because Sales Pop Master is created from merchants' demands, it is what you need. You boost sales and build trust of buyers.

The app offers so many efficient features with which marketing tactics are carried out. Sales Pop Master has launched new and special functions that other apps don't give you. These brand-new features make a big difference. You cannot find Quick view, Countdown, Add-to-cart product display, and Language Translation in other apps. Sales Pop Master is the best pop-up app. 

1. Show products added to cart

This option is suitable for new stores that haven't had sales yet. If you have orders, you should show popups of orders. In case, you don't have any sales, popups can be filled with added-to-cart products, however.  

Language is a good feature. Multiple stores display 2 or more languages. You can change language on the popups. We offer 8 default language. You can customize text in other languages. You can access customers from many countries.

2. Countdown

It's probably that Countdown timer and Countdown stock helps you boost sales. Countdown timer shows a digital clock and countdown the remaining time of a discount. Make urgency to raise shopping demand.

This is an example of Countdown timer

Countdown stock shows remaining quantity in the inventory of a product.

This is an example of Countdown stock

3. Quick view 

 A popup with quick view mode about a product will show up when your customer clicks on the product name.   

This is an example of Quick view

We hope that features can help your business growth. If you have any problems during the installation, you can contact us via email: