To help store owners improve display on their website, Autoketing has just launched Recommended Product - Sales app. It will help store owners suggest more products to customers. This marketing app won't let you down.

One of 4 types of recommended products is Top Discount Product. Store owner can show a banner in the footer of pages. Multiple discounted products are placed on the banner. This feature is very useful when store owners run discount campaigns.

Top Discount Product allows you to show the best-priced products or shock deals for customers in the footer position. This feature will help you to promote targeted products as well as stimulate the shopping needs of customers. 

To set up features of Top Discount Product, please follow the steps below:

- Click the Top Discount section 

- Turn on App Status. Click the On/Off to turn on or turn off.


- Choose the Title Of Section: You can enter a title or select one of the available titles. 

- Choose top discount products to show on the banner.



- Select the pages to show top discount products. You can select any options.

You also can select all 4 options

- Select types of the device to show top discount products. You can select Show On Desktop or Show On Mobile.

You also can select both 2 options.

 - In Settings, you select the color for elements in the banner. 

You can enter the color code in the box or use the mouse pointer to select a color in the color palette.


- Click Save Setting button to save changes

Finally, you will have a Top Discount Product banner like this:

If you have any problems during the installation, you can contact us via email: