Welcome you to Autoketing Product Reviews . After you install our app, you will have to set up Display Settings as the first step. Let's see how to set up features and options in Display Settings.

In the Display Settings, you can customize:

- App Status

- Review Section

- Style & Theme

- System

You can turn off or turn on the app with App Status.

1. Review Section


You will have to enter text for:

- Title Review

- Title Top Review 

- Write A Review button

- Singular Format Title

- Plural Format Title  

- Filter and Sort By

- Confirmed and more

- Thank You popup

All settings will show in Preview on the right screen. You can see settings immediately. Click Full Preview to see all on a larger screen.

- Set up Auto Publish Review. This feature allows you to publish reviews automatically without approval. You can show automatically reviews with 5 stars, 4 stars, 3 stars... 

You also can select None to disable this feature. It won't publish automatically reviews. You must publish manually.

- Click Save button to save settings of Review Section

2. Style & Theme

Customize everything about design

- Layout: There're 3 types Grid, List and Carousel to select

- Text Color: Enter color code or click circle icon to select one color in the pallete

- Background Color 

- Section Color 

- Rating Icon: Choose a type of icon and its color.

- Write A Review Button: Choose a shape and its color

- Reaction Icon 

- Country flag 

- Verified badge 

- Date

- Format To Write A Review 

- Click here if you need to change text on the form


3. System

- You can change the position of review section. There are 2 ways

1. Add this code in your file theme:
<div id="autoketing-customize-position-reviews"></div>

This way is for developers.


+ Click Custom Position.

+ Just move your mouse over the boxes that say "Select here" and choose the appropriate location, then click "Save". Note: You should choose a display position with a minimum width of 1100px to display the full review list. 

If you don't like the position, you can click Clear button to remove it.

- Like/Unlike Button


- Image Review: Customers can upload images while reviewing.

- Review On Location:  When this feature is turned on, customers can see review from their country first.

- Hide zero-star reviews or show alternative reviews for products that don't have reviews

- Review Filters 

- Number Of Reviews Per Page: Drag and drop to select the numer

- Information Of Shop Owner Email Author Name

- Click Save button to save settings of System

If you have any problems during the settings, you can contact us via email: win@autoketing.com.