Autoketing Product Reviews allows you to manage and control all reviews.

You can import and approve reviews manually. It's good for your store because you can delete bad reviews.

I. Import review

If you have reviews in other review apps or platforms, you can imports them to Shopify store. You need to create a CSV file to import reviews.

You can import reviews for one product or many products.

II. Approve review

There are 3 filters for reviews: pending review, approved review and hidden review

1. Pending review

- Pending reviews are reviews that are waiting to be approved. After you approve them, they will display in your store.

- This will be the page to manage all reviews that do not meet the requirements that shop owners set up. For example, store owners set that all customer reviews of 4 stars or more will be automatically displayed, so 3-star reviews will appear in this area to be approved or deleted by store owners.  

- Click Approve button to approve a review

- If you want to remove a review, please click Delete icon.

2. Approved review

- Approved reviews are reviews that have been approved and are showing in your store.

- You can click Hidden button to hide any reviews

3. Hidden review

- Hidden reviews are reviews that have been removed from the store.

- You can click Show button to display a review again in the store.

Export Review button is used to export a file of all reviews in your store.

If you have any problems during the settings, you can contact us via email: