Sales Popup Autoketing- POP is an automatic app that will display popups to stimulate customer's shopping needs. This app will attract customers' attention and promote their purchase decision. To set up Sales Popup Autoketing- POP, you can follow this instruction below:

You can choose a language in the dropdown menu to see the dashboard in your language

I. Overview

There is much information you can see in the review. Please explore statistics and use them to develop your business.

II. Sales Pop Settings

1. Set up Sales pop type

- Choose Products added to cart or Orders type.

- If you choose Products added to cart type, popups will show recent products that customers added to the cart. The system will automatically update 10 latest products.

With the custom design, you can edit some items such as theme, title, product name, and language. Don't edit variable {{location}}, {{product.title}}, and {{customer.first_name}} because they will automatically pick up location, product name and customer name to display notifications. 

You can change the language in the popup. There are 9 default languages. Click Other if you have another language. View detail is used to enter text you want.


- If you choose Orders type, popups will show recent orders that customers have purchased within 60 days.

With the custom design, you can edit some items such as theme, title, product name, and language. Don't edit variable {{location}}, {{product.title}}, and {{customer.first_name}} because they will automatically pick up location, product name and customer name to display notifications.


- Sales Popup Autoketing- POP  will display notifications from real customer's orders with an unlimited number. Enter the number of real orders that you want to display on your online store. The display time of the popups will depend on the real-time when the customer orders on your store.

2. Highlight Products

- You can enable or disable the Highlight Products function.

- Enter a title for the popups
- Select no more than 3 products

- Choose Frequency of appearance 

- Frequency of appearance of highlighted popups in total times of all popups show

Ex: If you set up 50%, you will have percentage 50:50. One highlighted popup shows up, then one basic popup appears

Enter text for Label of Sales Box

3. Style & Theme 

- In Layout, choose Radius Sales Popup, Round Sales Popup or Square Sales Popup and Custom layout. You choose a shape for product image. 

- In Design setting, you set up many details.

+ You customize Title color, Background color, Product name color, Product name decoration, and Time color. You see your current changes in the preview.

+ You can hide close button or truncate product name

+ You can hide close button or Show border: You can create a border for popups. There are two types of border. Choose Dashed or Dotted style. Customize the border width and select a border color you like. The popups will look more professional in your store.  

+ Choose to Hide time ago and Truncate prod if you want. We have launched Smart hide option. You can choose show time_ago for certain time.

- Set up Countdown: Countdown Timer and Countdown Stock


+ Set up Countdown Timer: Customize motivational text, duration, text color, and day text 

+ Set up Countdown Stock: Customize motivational text and text color. Set up remaining quantity if you want.

Click Save. Then you have the popup like this

- Select a Sales Box and set up color

Finally, you will have popups like these

4. Display Settings

- Choose to show only popups about the product that your customer is viewing or display popups randomly

- Change display options such as desktop position, delay time between 2 notifications, display time, and maximum per page. Besides, you can also select some indicators such as timing for the first popup or show on mobile.

- Show on specific pages: You can choose to show popups on the cart pages or other specific pages. In specific pages section, there are four options.

  • Show on all pages of your website
  • Show on products pages including homepage, product pages, and product detail pages
  • Show on specific collection pages
  • Show on specific product pages

- Choose to remove verified by Autoketing

5. Quick View

- A popup with quick view mode about a product will show up when your customer clicks on the product name.  

- You can enable Smart quick view mode . Quick view only appears when customers are on the detailed pages or cart page.

Set up the text on button and message when an item is sold out.

Set up Quick view background color, text color and countdown color.

III. Quick View

- You can enable Smart quick view mode . Quick view only appears when customers are on the detailed pages or cart page.

- Set up many color settings for the button and icon

- Click Save to save settings of Quick View

IV. Cart Boost Sales

- Cart boost sales: show a popup in your cart page

- Set up header message, colors and other options

- Click Save, then you have Cart boost sales like this 

V. Countdown 

1. Sales Boosting Tool

You set up countdown timer or stock countdown for product pages.

- Countdown timer

+ You can create a campaign with a free plan and many campaigns with a paid plan.

+ Set up campaign name, message, and target

+ Set up options of time 

+ Set up Design. You can choose Default design or Custom design.

+ In Custom design, you can customize Content, Font&size, Background settings, and Theme.

Countdown Stock

+ Click Enable to create a stock countdown

- Cookie banner

+ Click Enable button and set up Message, Privacy URL, Text, and Color

+ Click Save settings.

2. Countdown Cart

- Click Countdown Cart

- Add a campaign

- Set up campaign name and choose products to show countdown in their cart.

- Set up motivation message, start time and duration

- Set up notification after the duration ends. You can choose one of three options

- You can use Default design or Custom design

- Click Save button to finish settings

VI. Coupon Code Wheel

- Click Coupon Code Wheel

To set up a campaign, please click Create campaign.

The dashboard shows up. There are 4 parts to set up: Content, Coupon, Design, and Trigger.

1. Content 


+ Set up Campaign name. Each campaign has a name to manage them easily.

+In Text, you enter Title, Message, and Button. All changes will show immediately in the preview on the right.

+ You enter Title, Message, and Button for both Coupon result and No prize result.  

Coupon result is when customers win and get a coupon code or gift.

No prize result is when customers lose and don't get any prize

- Set up other details and Rules.

2. Coupon

- There are 2 types: Coupon and No prize. Coupon means customers win and get some prizes like free gift, coupon code, etc. No prize means customers lose and don't get anything.

- Enter Title

- Click Select Coupon Code box. If you have discount codes set up in Shopify admin, they will show for you to choose one. If not, you will be redirected to Shopify admin to set up a code.

- Probability: This means how likely a slice will be hit. Probability for a slice is calculated as slice's Probability / (sum of Probability of all slices). eg: 10 / (10+20+30+0+0+0) * 100 = 17% 

3. Design 

Choose the color for Popup, Wheel, Button, and Message 

See changes in Preview to set up more easily.

4. Trigger 

- Choose devices to show the Coupon code wheel

- Set up duration the wheel appears after customers visit your site

- Choose to let Gift box motivator float or get fixed 

- Gift Choose the position of the Gift box motivator

- Set up delay time between 2 times a customer sees the wheel

- Set up Schedule to show the wheel

- Click Save button to save settings

Then you have a wheel like this 

If you have any problems during the installation, you can contact us via email: