Sales Popup Autoketing- POP is an automatic app that will display popups to stimulate customer's shopping needs. This app will attract customers' attention and promote their purchase decision. To set up Coupon Code Wheel, you can follow this instruction below:

- Click Coupon Code Wheel

To set up a campaign, please click Create campaign.

The dashboard shows up. There are 4 parts to set up: Content, Coupon, Design, and Trigger.

1. Content 


+ Set up Campaign name. Each campaign has a name to manage them easily.

+In Text, you enter Title, Message, and Button. All changes will show immediately in the preview on the right.

+ You enter Title, Message, and Button for both Coupon result and No prize result.  

Coupon result is when customers win and get a coupon code or gift.

No prize result is when customers lose and don't get any prize

- Set up other details and Rules.

2. Coupon

- There are 2 types: Coupon and No prize. Coupon means customers win and get some prizes like free gift, coupon code, etc. No prize means customers lose and don't get anything.

- Enter Title

- Click Select Coupon Code box. If you have discount codes set up in Shopify admin, they will show for you to choose one. If not, you will be redirected to Shopify admin to set up a code.

- Probability: This means how likely a slice will be hit. Probability for a slice is calculated as slice's Probability / (sum of Probability of all slices). eg: 10 / (10+20+30+0+0+0) * 100 = 17% 

3. Design 

Choose the color for Popup, Wheel, Button, and Message 

See changes in Preview to set up more easily.

4. Trigger 

- Choose devices to show the Coupon code wheel

- Set up duration the wheel appears after customers visit your site

- Choose to let Gift box motivator float or get fixed 

- Gift Choose the position of the Gift box motivator

- Set up delay time between 2 times a customer sees the wheel

- Set up Schedule to show the wheel

- Click Save button to save settings

Then you have a wheel like this 

If you have any problems during the installation, you can contact us via email: