Autoketing Product Reviews allows you to manage and control all reviews.

You can import reviews manually from other platforms. It's good for your store because you can move reviews from other platforms like Aliexpress, Etsy, etc to your Shopify store.

If you have reviews in other review apps or platforms, you can import them to your Shopify store via our app. You need to have a CSV file to import reviews. You will export the CSV file, then reform it to fit our app.

You can import reviews for one product or many products.

Your file has to have 9 columns if you want to import successfully.

4 compulsory columns are product_handle, author, review-rating and review_message.


1. product_handle

Product_handle is the name of a product in its product link.

For example, the link will have product_handle light-wood-grain-rectangle-flush-lamp-minimalistic-led-aluminum-flush-mount-ceiling-light 

2. author

This is the name of reviewer.

3. email

This is the email address which reviewer entered in the review form.

Notice: Don't use the same email address for several reviews of one product.

4. status_rev

If you choose status_rev as TRUE, reviews will show on your store after you import them.

If you choose status_rev as  FALSE, reviews will go to the Pending section. You will approve them if you want to show them in your store.

5. created_at

This is the moment when a review was created. 

You need to follow the format 2021-07-15T23:08:46Z

6. review_rating

It's the number of stars.

7. review_message

This is the main content of a review.

8. full_url_images

You have to use image links.

If you have many links, please use semicolons between links. For example, you write link1;link2;link3

9. country_name

This is the country of reviewers. You have to use the name of country, not the country code.

country_name will show the flag on each review. 

If you don't have this piece of information, you can ignore it.

Please follow the instructions to import reviews successfully.

If you have any problems with the settings, you can contact us via email: