Autoketing Product Reviews is an application that allows shop owners to manage the product review section on their website most brilliantly and conveniently. 

Our team has launched a new feature, Customers Say. It will help you show 3 reviews on one or all pages of your website. Therefore, your customers will have more trust from honest reviews. 

Let's see how to set it up.

You must set up the feature on both Theme and dashboard.

Step 1: Set up in Theme

- Open your Shopify admin setting

- Click Online Store

- Click Theme

- Click Customize button to enter Theme setting

- Choose Homepage to show Customers Say section

- You also can choose other pages to show the section

- Click Add Section to see the list of available sections

You will see Autoketing Customer Say in the list

- Click to select Autoketing Customer Say section

- You will see the page like the screenshot below

- Click turn back

- Autoketing Customer Say section is added successfully 

- You can move Autoketing Customer Say section with the drag-and-drop button

- You can move the section and see how it displays in the preview on the right

- After selecting a position for the section, click Save button to save changes

Step 2: Set up in the dashboard

- Open the app dashboard

- Enter Customers Say settings

- Turn on the feature

- Click Browse of Select Review List to select reviews 


- Write text on the Title Section

- Choose color for details including Title Section, Background, Text, Author Text and Email Text.

- You can show or hide Author and Email

- Click Save to save changes

Then you will have your Autoketing Customers Say section will show on your store.

If you meet any problems during the installation, you can contact us via email: