Popup Sign up - Sales Banner is a powerful popup app that helps you grow more sales and build email databases. It’s on the must-have list for all medium and large stores.


You need to set up beautiful popups manually.

As you can see images below. they're Overview statistics. You can see how our app works in your store.

Now let's get started!

Step 1: Popup Settings

1. Add New Popup and Layouts

You set up Add New Popup and Layouts in one page. 

- Enter Campaign name

- Select a Popup Type and Layout

Light Popup Type has 5 layouts.



Floating Bar has 6 types of layouts.

Sidebar Popup Type has 6 layouts.


Select a position to place the popup on your website


2. Customize


You will customize Main popup and Teaser

- Main Popup: Click Edit to change options

+ General appearance: Set up font, body background color, border radius, close icon color, close icon hover color

+ Headline


+ Image

+ Subscribe

+ Social

+ Thank You Popup On Website


- Teaser

+ Turn on or turn off the teaser

+ Choose a position

+ Choose a template

+ Customize icon box


3. Target


Click Edit to edit options

- Visitor behavior

- Display frequency

- Stop Showing popup

- Display

- Device


Step 2: Campaign Settings

You can see statistics and Add new popup.

After click Add New Popup, you will back to step 1 to set up everything.


Step 3: Contact

You can see statistics and email list of customers.


Step 4: Email


1. Email Settings

You can send an email to customers who have left an email address


We have default content, but you can change it as you want.


2. Report Email

See the number of sent emails and the status of emails.

If you have any problems during the settings, you can contact us via email: win@autoketing.com.