Currency Converter - Translate can help you to change the language of the website. It shows a language switcher on the screen. 

Let's see how to set it up.

Go to Auto Translation 

Turn on Translation Status

You will see a preview on the right side

Remember to turn on the app status

1. Select Language

Click Select Language button to open a popup

You can select all currencies 

You click Add Language

After, you add currencies, they will show on the list

2. Design

You can show full name or code of languages.

Select how to show the language box

Customize font

Customize color

Customize border width

3. Display Setting

Select a position to place language box

You can customize the position

Choose devices to show translation box

Do you want the box to be fixed or floating?

After setting up all options, you need to save settings.

Click Save to save settings

You will have a translation box like this