Every website needs at least one popup. Popups have many features that can surprise you. Install the Popup Sign up - Sales Banner app to create outstanding popups.

I. Choose Templates

- Click Add New Popup to start

- You see a list of templates. Scroll down to see more templates.

- Use 2 filters to choose your template. You can search by Type or Purpose.

- Click Preview to open one template. You see main popup, success popup and teaser.

Click Use This Template

II. Customize

1. Customize Main Popup

There is an editor to set up everything on the popup.

- Change size by entering numbers in Width and Height

- Drag and drop many elements 

- In Style, you set up background color

- Turn on the setting of Border

- Set up the border

- Turn on the setting of Shadow

- Set up the image

Youc can change 

- Select one position to place the popup

- Change and customize text on the popup by clicking it

-Click the wheel icon to open the editor

- You can change the elements in a block

2. Customize Success Popup

- Turn on the Success popup and Teaser if you want

- You can drag and drop elements

- Click text to edit it

 - An editor helps you customize text

3. Customize Teaser

- Turn on teaser

- You can set up the teaser in the same way you set up main popup or success popup.

- Click Next to move to next step

III. Launch

You will set up features

1. Campaign Name

Enter a name for your campaign

2. Display Settings

- Enter a number in this box

You decide when the popup will show up.

3. Placement

- Select pages to enable the popup

4. Frequency

- Select one option to show the popup

5. Close Options

6. Transition

- Select an effect 

7. Schedule

- Set up start time and end time

8. Devices

Do you want to show the popup in desktop or mobile device?

Click Save to save your settings